Thursday, October 23, 2008

This place has truly become my second home. I was here almost daily before I started working here, but now I’m here constantly. I came for yoga this morning and haven’t left since! Well I take that back. I left for ten minutes to go get a Lean Cuisine meal from Publix :) But I came right back to use the microwave and get some school done ha-ha.

Working in the Kiddie Kare here has been awesome. I love kids so much, so this is the best! It amazes me daily how much we can impact these kids’ lives. The other day, I only had a few kids (for some reason the rain keeps people away!) and the one little girl is a regular. She’s five years old and the sweetest thing ever. She started telling me about her birthday, and one thing led to another, and we were talking about how Jesus is incorporated into major holidays! Kids see things so simply, I love it! Christmas, “is Jesus’ birthday.” Easter “he woke up” ;) “because the Friday before (she swiped her hand across her throat, like she was being killed) He died. “ Ha! They crack me up! Even simple things, like helping them with their homework makes them trust you, and once they do that, you can help them in so many ways! I also wear a purity ring, which has been kind of a hot conversation topic with the older kids since the whole Jonas Brothers & Jordan Sparks statement on the VMA awards. (If you haven’t seen that, it’s on youtube!)

A lot of these kids don’t go to church or anything, and they are all at that age where they are excited to learn, so it’s a great witnessing opportunity! Now that I look at the clock, I need to get going. I have to do a short shift today and then workout before church. I’ll be in the nursery tonight- more kids! :)


chewhi said...

I'm sorry I didn't get to see you tonight!

Whit said...

I think purity rings are an awesome idea. They can help to remind you and your bf/gf that true love really does wait! Be encouraged that a godly man will respect you SO MUCH for that down the road, and you will have saved yourself a lot of hurt.

Samantha♥ said...

It's funny you worded it htat way Whit. That's exactly what it says haha! "True Love Waits" :)

Sara Smile said...

Sam I'm so glad you have a blog
<3 you

Debra said...


I love that you said that it was all a witnessing opportunity!

That is so awesome!

Happy Thursday, sweet one!

Kristin and Hudson Roberds said...

Hi Samantha dear!

Nice to worship with you at church last night...It's encouraging to see young women like yourself choose to be sold out to Him! Your a beautiful Godly woman!

Keep up the good work at Longevity!